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Most Recent Testimonials Posted Here.......NOVEMBER 2012
  • Quality Excellent
    Dr. Krause is a miracle worker, Occasionaly with life and stress i have headaches so bad i just can't do anything and so i go to Dr. Krause and i walk in with a headache and i walk out with no headache. I love Dr. Krause he is so helpful. Everyone i know tell me they love to go to Dr. Krause as well. He is so friendly unlike other doctor's i know. Dr. Krause has been around for a long time and there is a reason why, he is great.
  • Overall Excellent
    I have lived in 3 different states and I have not found anyone like Dr. Krause. He is so thorough! I have yet to find anyone who really takes his time to help his clients. This tells me he truly cares from the heart. I have continual upper back and neck pain and he helps me every time! I drive an hour from the south side to the west side just to get an adjustment from him. Give him a try! (5 stars from me!).....Corinne
  • My family LOVES Dr. Krause. We have been going to him for years now and will continue doing so. We don't know what we'll do without him. I have a chronic back problem and the doctor knows how to ease up the pain every time i get adjustments. My wife and kids have bouts with migraine and would rather go to him than take migraine medicines. We would recommend him all the time. Five stars all the way  ..Jimmy808
  • Overall Excellent
    For anyone looking for pain relief in Lahaina, look no further. Dr. Krause will get you out of pain. It may take a session or two, but most of the time one visit will do it. I love the way he works on my neck. I feel comfortable and safe in his care. The office is casual and friendly. And yes, he has great massage therapists to loosen you up before he works on you.
  • Overall Excellent
    There are some really good Chiropractors on Maui but, in my opinion, Dr Brendan Krause is the best and the most reasonable. He is the best as a pure Chiropractor and he is the best at related problems that require other forms of manipulation in addition to chiropractics. He can often get you back up in as few as one or two sessions and, when chiropractics is not the complete solution, he refers you to the medical doctor and or physical therapist he feels will help you the most and the quickest. He is a strong believer in therapeutic massage, has a staff of the very best massage therapists, and they are reasonably priced too.
    .....Bill Entrekin
  • Overall Excellent
    For all MIGRAINE SUFFERERS Dr. Krause is amazing! I have chronic migraines and even medication often doesn't touch the pain. Dr. Krause has an incredible way of working with your neck and your head that makes sense! Some days I can't get out of bed because the pain is so bad, but if I do one thing that day, I will go see Dr. Krause.... 

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